Who we are:

The Scholarshipwrights of Rockland is an institute formed in 2012 working to build apprentices and communities through traditional wooden boat building and seamanship. We believe apprenticing by land and by sea nurtures citizens, strengthens communities and cultivates a culture of resourcefulness and a spirit of collaboration.


Current Projects Underway:

1. A Book!

book cover


Lance Lee and Arista Holden are currently compiling the best of the best articles, essays, photos, lines drawings and artistic renderings from the archive towards the creation of the book. The book draws together a network of builders, artists, and mariners  across social, cultural and political boundaries through boat building and seamanship programs throughout the US and Internationally and will highlight more than 40 traditional small craft built at the Apprenticeshop and subsequent programs from 1972 – present.

Please visit our website: to view more projects and upcoming boatbuilding and seamanship opportunities.