zander trem

Building and using a small wooden boat helps wonderfully to reestablish and strengthen connections with the natural world that so many of us have lost or in increasing danger of losing. Wind and water have not changed and the age-old workings and needs of the human body and psyche remain the same and cry for expression and fulfilment in a cold world of artificial abstractions and flickering images. ~ John Gardner

In the wake of a 45 year career of boats built and sailed at the Apprenticeshops in Maine and Russia, the Atlantic Challenge Contest of Seamanship, Tremolino! Project, the Scholarshipwrights of Rockland, and in many nations with whom alliances were formed through building and sailing boats together, we find ourselves deeply immersed in a trove of photographs, lines drawings, artistic renderings, written accounts and memories.

The goal of sharing this blog is to share the contents of the Scholarshipwright’s archive housed in Rockland, Maine and ultimately to encourage, inspire and aid present and future institutions, programs, communities and individuals to engage in the traditions of building wooden boats and working them on the sea.

Lance Lee is at work to create new boat building apprenticeships in Maine and Internationally. Arista Holden assists him in all endeavors, is steward and often skipper of the boats and is the editor of this blog.

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