New Currach Workshop in 2016

by editor

dladds 1 copyPhoto by Dylan Ladds, September 2013.

We are happy to announce that we are hosting another currach workshop next May 2016 with Irish boatbuilding instructor, James Madigan, along with his skilled assistant and a graduate of the Apprenticeshop, Matt Dirr.

We will build two currachs side by side in two weeks: a 25 ft. racing naomhog, and a 17 ft. Scattery Island currach.

Dates: May 14-30, 2016.

Contact: Please direct your questions and request for an application to Arista Holden–– (207) 596-7390

dladds 5Photo by Dylan Ladds, September 2013.

Photos of the first 2013 Currach workshop below by Arista Holden, Scott Peterson, and Lisa Flanagan.

 photo IMG_3881.jpg

 photo IMG_3931.jpg

 photo IMG_3977.jpg

 photo IMG_3970.jpg

 photo IMG_3930.jpg

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 photo IMG_4005.jpg

 photo IMG_4025.jpg

 photo IMG_4036.jpg

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 photo IMG_4073.jpg

 photo IMG_4085.jpg


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