Lanseng Madura–––The Java Sea Golekan

by editor


The last remaining sail-powered golekan launched in 2005 is LANSENG MADURA, now an ambassador for Indonesian craftsmanship. Like many traditional small craft designs around the world that were formed out of the hands and minds of communities on the edge of survival, the story of LANSENG MADURA sustains the taproot of indigenous culture.

map of Madura Island

LANSENG MADURA was constructed on Madura Island, Indonesia, through an alliance between Atlantic Challenge International’s co-founder Lance Lee and Maritime Challenge Indonesia. The golekan was then shipped to Italy, Canada and the US where youth of many nations crewed together, forming bonds in this unique vessel.

Please enjoy the first of eight slideshows about the golekan below and continue here to view the rest.

Videos were produced by Arista Holden with narration by Tina Antolini.
Music by: Gambir Sawit: Javanese Gamelan Variations. Keluarga Karawitan Surakarta. 2006; Traditional Gamelan music. Sri Widada; Zanes, Dan. Mingulay Boat Song. Sea Music. 2002.
Principle source for research: Kurt Stenross, Ph.D
Photography by: Boy Kundoko, Brian McClellan, Scott Peterson